How we worked with this SaaS company to increase inbound leads

Varun Jain
Sep 9

TableSafe is a US-based SaaS company. It is a funded startup with a total investment of $5.8M to date assists restaurants and other hospitality establishments in streamlining their operations with a focus on improving customer service. 

TableSafe's POS Product, RAIL is a secure and innovative payment platform that allows visitors to complete their payment procedure entirely at the table. It is a great option for those who are looking forward to dining out.

RAIL not only makes the front of the house more efficient but also makes things easier at the back of the house. Essentially, they provide an extensive and comprehensive analysis of the restaurant’s operations as well as customer behavior. This information can then be used further to improve the customer experience. 

Why did TableSafe come to us?

The TableSafe growth team was working on a new project to increase the number of inbound leads and also increase the engagement time on the website for visiting customers.

The team decided that an overhaul of the website’s UI, UX, and navigation was necessary to make this happen. The new website had to portray TableSafe team’s modern outlook towards enhancing the hospitality services through innovative technology.

And as usual with growth teams that are almost always racing against time, they had a short timeline of 2 weeks to make this happen!

Why was Webflow a good choice?

If this website was to be developed with custom code using frameworks such as bootstrap it would have easily taken at least 4-6 weeks in development alone. TableSafe also wanted to design the new website from scratch rather than using a template. This was important as the project outcomes depended heavily on the website's UI/UX.

Considering the challenge at hand and a tight deadline, Bowstring’s team decided to finalize Webflow as the tech stack. Webflow gave us the freedom and flexibility to quickly incorporate UI/UX feedback enabling us to deliver the product within the stipulated timeline. 

Another major reason to go forward with Webflow was to empower the TableSafe marketing team. Webflow provides a much more intuitive CMS compared to the likes of clunky Wordpress CMS.

Content-first Design Approach

Content is king for SaaS companies. It is a big driver for leads and engagement from prospective and even current customers. The design, sitemap, landing pages, user experience has to be centered around the content.

Therefore, we decided the project design and development had to take a content-first design approach. Content-first design is an approach where the content for your project determines the design of the site. Think text, photos, charts, tables, liss etc. any element that can go on the page or screen is the content.

TableSafe’s team was very accommodating and shared a content outline with us for the entire website. This helped our design team to better perceive the design expectation and maintain sync between what was being said (content) and what was being shown (imagery, layout, etc). 

With a content-first design approach, we were able to complete the design phase quickly, giving us enough buffer to set up the project. Another factor that helped with a faster delivery was the design system we created in Webflow with reusable components. 

In total, we had to build around 15-16 unique pages along with multiple blogs within 2 weeks of the development cycle. Bowstring enabled them to deliver all these unique pages within the time frame keeping the responsiveness of the website intact across different browsers and screen sizes. 

Additionally, our team also integrated the website through SharpSpring CRM to capture leads. For this we integrated SS through Zapier to make sure that in case of any API failure, the TableSafe team can get real-time data. 

On-page SEO

Working exclusively with marketing teams means we are already aware of some unsaid must-haves. On-Page SEO is one of them. For TableSafe we took the following measures:

  • Removing any duplicate H1 tags as header tags improves the ranking index.
  • Adding Alt text, meta tags, and descriptions for all pages. 
  • Custom site-map addition. 
  • Minified unused CSS and JS. 
  • DOM manipulation to improve FCP rendering time
  • Synced all the marketing scripts so that they load post-FCP and ensure the page load speed is not impacted. 
  • Added SSL for protection which is pretty standard.

In Conclusion

It was great to work with TableSafe, their support for content-first design was critical to making the project a success. 

SaaS companies have a lot riding on their marketing websites. The marketing teams need to be able to make quick edits and launch new pages within a matter of days, not weeks or months. 

They need a technology vendor that can relate, understand and serve marketing needs.

At Bowstring we don’t aim to be a tech agency, instead, we aim to be an agency that is exclusively working with and understanding how technology can be better utilized and put to use for marketing teams across industries and geographies.

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