Our Vision

Our vision at Bowstring is to help marketing teams leverage technology to grow smarter and faster.

About Us

We are a firm based out of Delhi, India originally founded in 2014. Founded by three engineers with a deep background in web and mobile technologies we quickly discovered that marketing teams in startups often face the challenge of not getting enough bandwidth from engineering teams working on the core product offering.

We also work with product engineering teams by providing them with talent. Check out our other offering Default.

team illustration discussing charts

Our Team

Varun Jain

Varun is a full stack entrepreneur. His preferred programming languages are python and javascript. His last company, Acadview was acquired by UpGrad in 2018.

Akshit Rungta

The love for programming and empathy for the user  drives Akshit. An iOS developer for over 8 years Akshit has a knack for User Experience and product.

Rishabh Jain

Rishabh is a technocrat who loves taking on hard engineering challenges. He is an Android developer who has shipped products used by millions of users.

Denny Mathews
VP Sales

Denny loves to listen, digest, and understand more about different businesses. Selling happens as a side effect of this.

Tejasvi Kashyap
HR Lead

Tejasvi is an HR professional and is intrigued by theories on people, work, and life. She is Master's graduate in HRM and is all about human resource business partnering.

Anupam Sahu
Project Manager

Anupam has been responsible for managing the website for SaaS unicorn Zenoti. He is an expert at JIRA, has delivered several projects on Webflow. He is currently learning Product Marketing for SaaS companies.